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WE Are producing robber line pumps and aluminium case pinch valves in different sizes since 1994.

OAR pumps are open centrifugal impller, corrosion-resistant and abrasion resistant. The corrosion and abrasion resistance of these pumps is accomplished by the rubber lining of all parts that are in contact with the material which is transferd.
The advantages of these pumps are simple construction, light weight, quiet sound production and easy maintenance.
The integration of the use of flood water with advanced design and flood water system has created a system that the pump does not leak when stopping, the system automatically operates.
These pumps can be used for transfer of solutions with a solid concentration of 60%, 60% Sulfuric Acid, 33% hydro cloridAcid, 30% Sodium Sulphate and Other Chemical Solutions.
The operating temperature of the pump is max. 80 ° C.
OAR-type rubber pumps are suitable for chemical, metallurgical, dyeing industries, pesticides and insecticides industries, pharmaceutical industries, textile and weaving industries, refineries and environmental industries, and many other industries.
In many cases, these pumps are a good alternative to stainless steel pumps, plastics and bacalite pumps.




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