Pinch Valve

Pinch Valve

Pinch valve made by AHANGARY in China is a new type of valve with unique structure. It is very popular because of its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for the transportation control of granular slurry or chemical medium in various pressure pipelines system.

Basic Character:

  1. Scope of application: Chemical industry, petroleum, power generation, alkali plant, mineral processing, cement coal preparation, non-metallic industries. It can quickly control or cut-off sand flow pipeline.
  2. Applicable media: pulp, sewage, slag, cinder, sediment and so on.
  3. Applicable temperature: -30-120, higher temperature customized.
  4. Pressure range: -0.3-2.5 Mpa (order description).
  5. Driving mode: manual, electric and pneumatic.
  6. Valve body material; Gray cast iron, Aluminum alloy, Carbon steel.

Why Choose Pinch Valve?

  1. Multipurpose: pinch valve can replace gate valve, globe valve, regulating valve and so on.
  2. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance: Rubber is much more wear-resistant than steel, iron and other metal materials. And the formulation can be adjusted to resist the corrosion of various chemical solvents. So it is especially suitable for the pipeline transportation control of granular slurry and chemical medium.
  3. Good Seal ability: Rubber flanges are installed at both ends of the hose. When the valve is connected with the pipeline, no additional sealing gasket is needed, thus eliminating the bad phenomena of running, running, dropping and leakage.
  4. Resistance low-temperature: Because the fluid medium flows in the elastic rubber tube, the harmful effects such as freezing crack of the shell caused by the fluid crystallization are eliminated.
  5. Cost effective: Simple and flexible operation, easy maintenance, as long as the rubber hose is replaced during maintenance, the valve body and other mechanisms can be used for a long time, thus improving the service life of the valve, greatly saving the production cost of users, in line with value engineering.
  6. Simple Structure: Pinch valve has simple structure and is the only leak-free valve in China. It can withstand all kinds of medium concentration of acid and alkali salts, and can transport pulp, dry and wet powder and crystalline medium. The inner lining of rubber pipes with different rubber formulations can be selected for different media to meet the production needs of different users.

How to choose Pinch valve rubble?

  • Acid and alkali resistant rubber is used in power plants and chemical plants
  • Mines (coal mines, iron ores, gold mines, non-ferrous metals, etc.) have large particles and strong impact. Natural rubber or blends with strong wear resistance are used.
  • Oil-resistant rubber is used when oil content is high.
  • HD40:95% pure natural rubber is prepared by liquid phase process with fresh latex. Excellent wet wear resistance, super elongation, high resilience and tensile strength. (For small particles)
  • HD60: Silicon reinforced natural rubber, with wear resistance, high resilience, cutting resistance, tear resistance, and other properties. (For large particles)
  • HDGJ: Silicon-based filling reinforced NBR. With wear resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, fatigue resistance, good air tightness and other properties.
  • HDTRJ: Carbon black/silica reinforced natural/synthetic rubber, hardness 60-70 IRHD. With wear resistance, high resilience, cutting resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance and other properties.
  • HDDJ: Halogenated butyl rubber. Acid and alkali resistance, good air tightness, high temperature resistance.
  • HDFG: Natural rubber, FDA certification, suitable for long-term contact with food use. HDOZ: 95% natural rubber, excellent wear resistance, ultraviolet and ozone resistance
  • For more information of pinch valve please contact Resta China


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